Below you can find some links to relevant partners, projects & campaigns.

UK Links

Action On Empty Homes

Action on Empty Homes focus on the long-term empty homes in England and bringing them back into use for people in need of homes.

Action on Empty Homes

Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland

APRS promotes the care of all of Scotland’s rural landscapes from the green belt around towns out to the forest, hills and mountains.

APRS – Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland

Association of Small Historic Towns and Villages of the United Kingdom

ASHTAV’s objectives are uniting amenity societies and groups, parish and town councils in small historic towns and villages in a common effort for the preservation, protection and, where appropriate, sensitive adaptation of their features of historic and public interest, encouraging high standards of architecture and planning and stimulating the public interest and care for the beauty, character and fabric of small historic towns and villages in the context of an understanding of the social and economic changes which affect them.

Campaign for Better Transport

better transport campaign

The Campaign for Better Transport works across England and Wales to shape the future of mobility by collaborating with national and local government, developers, employers, operators, NGOs, and communities to make transport better, greener, healthier and affordable.

Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales

CPRW stands up for the people and places of rural Wales and protects its unique landscapes. From defending wild spaces from destructive development to creating sustainable rural communities, it is passionate about creating a countryside which works for everyone.

Its community-based members hold decision-makers to account and ensure that local people get their say. It takes action to ensure that the extraordinary beauty of Wales is preserved for the next generation – and beyond.

CPRW – The Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales

Community Voice on Planning


CoVoP recognises that many groups are fighting developments on inappropriate sites or without the necessary infrastructure. As local plans are being delayed by the red tape included in Government policies, developers are being given a window of opportunity to build anywhere. We believe that local communities do not have a voice to challenge this and that greenfield and green spaces are being lost forever without thought for the long-term consequences.

Community Voice on Planning

CPRE – The Countryside Charity


CPRE believes in in countryside and green spaces that are accessible to all, rich in nature and playing a crucial role in responding to the climate emergency. With a local CPRE group in every county, it advocates countryside with sustainable, healthy communities and available to more people than ever, including those who haven’t benefited before. CPRE stands for a countryside that enriches all of our lives, regenerates our wellbeing, and that we in turn regenerate, protect and celebrate. It has worked for almost a century to support and promote the countryside.

Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management


The Institution is an independent, chartered, professional body which champions professional standards, impartiality and the use of scientific evidence in the management of the environment. It champions:

  • highly qualified water and environmental managers, engineers and scientists who are recognised globally for their professional expertise and conduct;
  • protection of the public from pollution, environmental destruction and natural hazards through the promotion and share of best practice;
  • application and scientific rigor and impartiality to plans and policies ensuring the best outcomes for society now and in the future.

Civic Voice

civic voice

The national charity for the civic movement in England. It aims to make places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive and to promote civic pride.

Food, Farming & Countryside Commission


The Commission works with partners and communities across the UK to make:

  • healthy food everybody’s business, levelling the playing field for a fair food system;
  • farming a force for change, with a transition plan for agro-ecology by 2030, and the resources to back that plan;
  • the countryside work for everyone, with a framework for sustainable land use and nature restoration, with flourishing rural economies and thriving communities where people can afford to live and work.

Landscape for Future


A multi-disciplinary group of landscape professionals and tradespeople who are concerned about the climate and biodiversity emergency and want to transform their industry so that it is fit for a low-carbon future. 

Landscape for Future

Light Rail Transit Association


The LRTA is a not–for–profit UK based organisation and has members throughout the world. Free of any trade or political affiliation, it is concerned with the achievement of better public transport through light rail, tramway and metro systems in towns and cities world–wide. Tramforward is its campaigning arm.

Living Streets

living streets

UK charity whose mission is to achieve a better walking environment and inspire people to walk more.

Living Streets

New Economics Foundation

new economics foundation

For more than three decades, the New Economics Foundation’s mission has been to transform the economy so it works for people and the planet. It works with people igniting change from below and combines this with rigorous research to fight for change at the top.

North of England Civic Trust

northern england civic trust

The Trust is active in conservation and regeneration across the North East of England, North Yorkshire and Cumbria as a civic trust, as a building preservation trust and as a consultancy.



Railfuture is an independent voluntary group campaigning for better rail services for passengers and freight.

Scottish Civic Trust

civic trust scotland

The Scottish Civic Trust was set up in 1967, to help people connect to their built heritage and take a leading role in guiding its development.

Transform Scotland

transform scotland

Transform Scotland is the national alliance for sustainable transport, bringing together organisations from the private, public and voluntary sectors.

Transport Action Network

transport action network

Transport Action Network’s purpose is to help support people and groups press for more sustainable transport in England and Wales. This involves fighting cuts to bus services, particularly in rural areas, and opposing damaging road schemes and large unsustainable developments. It is challenging the Government’s road building plans.

Transport for New Homes


New housing should be built so that residents can walk, cycle and use public transport to go about their daily lives. Transport for New Homes brings transport and planning together to make this vision a reality. Its work combines visits to new housing developments with research into the planning and funding landscape behind them. It uses reports to call for change, both directly to politicians and through the media.

Urban Transport Group

urban transport group

The Urban Transport Group is the UK’s network of city region transport authorities. It works to ensure that transport plays its full part in making our city regions greener, fairer, happier, healthier and more prosperous places. It makes the case for urban transport – in particular for the funding and powers its members need to plan and deliver transport networks that support inclusive and sustainable growth. It provides thought leadership by making the connections between transport policy and the wider public policy goals of city regions.

International Links

Smart Growth America

smartgrowth america

Smart Growth America empowers communities through technical assistance, advocacy and thought leadership to create liveable places, healthy people, and shared prosperity. It works with elected officials at all levels, real estate developers, chambers of commerce, transportation and urban planning professionals and residents to improve everyday life for people across the country through better development.

Smart Growth Network

smart growth network

A network created by the US Environmental Protection Agency and interest groups to promote smart growth.

Form-Based Codes Institute


The Form-Based Codes Institute, a programme of Smart Growth America, is a professional organization dedicated to advancing the understanding and use of form-based codes.



Across America demand is high for real estate in sustainable, walk-able urban places. Yet too often, public policy hampers developers’ ability to build the development that would meet this demand. LOCUS brings together real estate developers and investors from across the country to change policy at the local, state, and federal level and to build neighbourhoods that are more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for America’s future.

National Complete Streets Coalition

The Coalition promotes the development and implementation of policies and professional practices that ensure streets are safe for people of all ages and abilities, balance the needs of different modes and support local land uses, economies, cultures, and natural environments.

Transportation for America

Transportation for America is an advocacy organization made up of local, regional and state leaders who envisage a transportation system that safely, affordably and conveniently connects people of all means and ability to jobs, services and opportunity through multiple modes of travel.

Sustainable Communities Online

Sustainable Communities Online is the updated website formerly known as the Sustainable Communities Network website which was developed by a broad coalition of organizations around the United States in the mid-1990s. The intent of the SCN was to pool information on sustainability to make it more readily accessible to the public.

Congress for the New Urbanism


CNU’s mission is to champion walkable urbanism. It provides resources, education, and technical assistance to create socially just, economically robust, environmentally resilient, and people-centred places.

New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities


The New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities is an inter-disciplinary research center dedicated to providing the research base for innovative solutions to the economic, social, environmental and cultural development of urban centres.

Environmental Defence

environmental defence

Canadian environmental advocacy organization is to work with government, industry and individuals to defend clean water, a safe climate and healthy communities.