• Three cheers? Maybe not
    I think it was Voltaire who said that the odd thing about the “Holy Roman Empire” was that it was none of those three things. Much the same could have been said about New Labour’s 2003 “Sustainable Communities Plan” which began an ill-planned demolition of its own work on the urban renaissance and attempts to create sustainable communities. Much the […]
  • The food fight
    “Do you not eat?” NFU president Minette Batters recently flashed back at wildlife campaigner Mark Avery after he criticised farming’s record on protecting nature. The exchange took place on what used to be called Twitter, but which now, in its musky X-rated dotage, is rapidly descending into an international shouting match. Yet I reflected they’re both right, in a sense, […]
  • Hitting the green
    Golf courses – those in prosperous parts of England anyway – have increasingly become a target for the house building and land speculation sector. Follow their “yimby” lobbyists on social media and you’ll be told green belts around London and other wealthier southern cities are mostly given over to rich people’s golf courses. It’s purely coincidental, of course, that such […]
  • Darkness, light – and light-pollution
    The ancient religious philosopher Mani believed in a stark dualism between the spiritual world of good and the materialistic world of evil. Manichaeism has predictably since become a clumsy description of any binary dispute. Perhaps it’s time for a revival of his more sensitive teachings. We do, unfortunately, live at a time of sharply divided opinions on most issues and […]
  • Storm warnings
    Whatever the rights and wrongs of the Government’s decision to scrap Phase 2 of HS2 and press ahead with Phase 1, the decision has thrown into stark relief the nation’s weak infrastructure and lack of plans to deal with it. Yes, I’ve always been critical of the whole HS2 scheme which, from the start, was over-specified and ill-integrated with the […]