Et tu, Brutalist?

So, it’s farewell to Owen Luder, doyen of the Brutalist Movement – architects who designed buildings for brutes. Most will remember him for his legacy of awful, inhuman buildings like the “Get Carter” carpark in Gateshead, the Tricorn Centre in Portsmouth or even the “Dunston Rocket” tower flats also in Gateshead. Many have now been rightly consigned to history, despite […]

The New Enclosure of the Ox–Cam ‘Arc’?

Smart Growth UK has previously highlighted the artificial nature of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, whose proponents promote it as a cohesive area. It is not a “region” like East Anglia, the Midlands or the South East/Home Counties. It doesn’t fit into sub-regions such as the South and East Midlands, or Greater London. It has no Anglo-Saxon equivalents such as Mercia, Wessex […]